Dawn Lerman
Author, Nutrition Expert, Speaker
My Fat Dad - Pub date September 2015 available for pre order
My Fat Dad - Pub date September 2015 available for pre order
"Dawn Lerman grew up Jewish in the 70´s. I grew up Italian. Might sound different, but for the most part, it´s the same. Especially when it comes to food. The philosophy was simple, food = love. My Fat Dad hilariously and poignantly captures that essence Whether you´re Italian, Jewish, or anything else you can relate to how family, food, and the love of both affect how we grow up, and live our life. Mangia!"
— Ray Romano, Emmy award-winning actor
"Everything you want in a book about food: Thoughtful, moving, funny and, of course, delicious (see the recipe on sweet potato latkes). Dawn reminds us that eating is about much more than protein and carbs and nutrients—it´s about family, history and identity. Dawn´s grandmother put it best: ´I can find my heritage in a bowl of soup."
— A.J. Jacobs, journalist and New York Times bestselling author of Drop Dead Healthy
"Dawn Lerman takes the reader along on one of life´s important journeys—to find true nourishment. Her discoveries about the powerful ways that food connects us to our families, our heritage, and ultimately to ourselves are profound and beautiful."
— Andie Mitchell, New York Times bestselling author of It Was Me All Along
"Laced with love, family dramas, recipes, and the pangs of growing up, Lerman’s memoir is a satisfying treat. ."
— Kirkus Review